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Massage &
Movement Coach

Camila is a Mobile Massage Therapist and Interdisciplinary Movement coach. She works in and around London and is able to work with you in the comfort of your own home.

Services and therapies include:
Holistic Massage
Antenatal Massage
Lymphatic drainage 
Sport/Deep Tissue Massage

Pregnancy Yoga and Movements
Antenatal Preperation
Alexander Technique
Tai Chi
Dance Movement Therapy

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"The wisdom and care in Camila's movement and touch is very inspiring. Her experience in many different disciplines means that whatever type of session you have with her you know she will draw on a wealth of experience and expertise. The last time I saw Camila, last week, I was 23 weeks pregnant and had been really unwell. I had the most amazing calming and healing massage and felt like a new person. I highly recommend Camila's work to anyone." - Jenny Galton

"Camila is a very knowledgeable, experienced professional working across different disciplines so she's bound to have the right treatment
whatever the concern is. Having a session with her is really a treat and
the sense of wellbeing lasts for many days after. There's a certain
confidence in her touch that just shows she really knows what she's
doing and you just feel you're literally in good hands. Really recommend her work!" - Maria Fernanda Toledo

"I was so impressed with my massage therapists abilities to get my knotsout of my back. I always go to men when I get a massage but I was shocked at how great my massage therapist Camila was able to do a truly deep tissue massage. I highly recommend Camila." - Lucineide Martin